I’m Matthew Warlick, an artist and illustrator living and working in Dallas, Texas.

I was born on a balmy 113° day, the hottest ever recorded in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Raised in the rural expanses of North Texas, I subsisted mostly on Totinos Frozen Pizzas, Nick at Night reruns and Marvel Comics.

I’ve been painting and drawing since before I can remember, and after a brief stint in the advertising world decided I should follow my passion instead of working for the man.

I've created artwork for Red 5 ComicsImage Comics , Digital Webbing, The Marvel Masterpiece Trading Card Series, the Topps’ Star Wars The Force Awakens sketch card series, Walmart, Concentra, and many more..

I create full-time from my home studio in Dallas, Texas surrounded my my rescue Lab Isis and my three cats Havok, Domino and Vader. When I’m not at the drawing board you can find me doing yoga or generally contemplating the vastness and awe of the universe.

I saw a UFO once, but that’s a story to be told in person.


Selected Clients