So I still have a job. And I’m not doing such a bad job, there’s just a “perception” that I’m doing a bad job. Since I finally got a story that’s going to be published, suddenly I only work to pay the bills and I spend all my time moonlighting.

And since I leave when my work is done, there’s a perception that I’m a slacker and don’t want to be here.

But perception is reality ya know.

And even though they apologized for un-inviting me to both our Annual Awards Lunch and the Christmas Party, I still don’t get the same $1000 bonus that every other fucking employee in my company got for the holidays.

Oh, and If I call the Texas Workforce Commission and report them for withholding the bonus, they will be forced to “Take action as well.” Read: you'll be fired.

And the moral is: Corporate America will fuck you every chance they get.


So I now have a 9:30 meeting with HR to discuss the reasoning behind them withholding my bonus. Should be interesting!