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David Tenant as The Joker.

Completed entirely in bad bar lighting while consuming screwdrivers and playing trivia.

Senryu - $2 Digital Edition now available

With direct-to-consumer digital downloads all the rage I thought I’d jump into the fray and offer up Senryu in a special digital collected-edition for anyone who likes to read comics on their iPad, iPhone, laptop or other PDF e-reader of choice. That’s right kiddies, you can now get a beautiful high resolution digital copy Senryu, complete with extras for only $2.

The time seems right and with more creators offering up their work directly to their fans and consumers I thought it would be a good experiment to release Senryu this way and see what happened.

Click here to buy the book.

One of the main goals of our comic studio for 2011 is to have more of an impact in the digital world, and this will serve as somewhat of a test bed for that process.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Old Ones

While freelancing to pay the bills I've been hard at work on my first ever original graphic novel The Old Ones, and am happy to be posting the first update of my progress. My good friend and Space-Gun Studio mate Jake Ekiss has been helping me refine the story and a few weeks ago we finished the final script for the first chapter. Below are the first 7 pages of blue lines, ruled and ready to ink.

I'll be posting more updates as I complete pages and hit milestones, but won't be posting any finished art until I'm well into the project. When the time comes we'll be  launching a proper stand-alone site to host The Old Ones as a once-weekly webcomic.

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for random updates that don't make the blog and you'll be able to catch more of The Old Ones as it comes to life.

Summertime. And the living's easy.

Wow, what a crazy month it's been. My apologies for neglecting the blog but the new day job has taken it's toll on my free time and after working on freelance, finishing up commissions, and the constant connection to Twitter and Facebook there's not much room left for blog posts. I guess the new research is true, blogs are going the way of the Do-Do. But have no fear, I won't be neglecting you beautiful internet masses, and have several cool bits of news to announce.

First off, my new employer Rockfish Interactive has moved into its new Frisco office (photos on my Flickr account), and I've settled comfortably into the role of a senior designer/art director.

I can't say I don't miss working from home and drawing all the time, but it's nice to design again, get back up to speed on interactive work and produce storyboards and spot illos while getting a nice salary and bennies to boot.

The other bit of news is the official commencement of my next project, Lights in The Sky. Friends and family have long known about my fascination with UFOs and this summer I'm going to share my thoughts, theories and personal experiences on the matter.

The plan is to offer it up for free as an ongoing webcomic, and if all goes as planned my fellow Space-Gun Studio mates will also have projects kicking off. You may even see Space-Gun webcomics in the near future.

That's it for now, below is the first promo image (and possible cover) for LITS. I hope you dig.

More Metrosketchual

A new Metrosketchual piece is up over at the blog. This weeks theme: The Crow.

Click the image to check it out.

Senryu in-store signing and ICBW promo

Indy Comic Book Week is only one day away, and I?ll be signing copies of my full-length comic debut Senryu at Madness Games & Comics in Plano, TX (RSVP to the Facebook event here).

To celebrate the ICBW event and Senryu I?ve got a couple of specials offers to those who can make it out to the signing; here's what I'll have going on for the event.

As well as Senryu I'll have copies of the Synesthetic anthology, Real Magicalism, One Off and my first work Weird West. Prints of all sizes will be super cheap, I'll be doing sketches and taking commissions AND I have 3 limited edition 13x19 Senryu prints for the first 3 people who buy the book and mention them.

Hope to see you there!

Senryu on Shelves Dec. 30th for Indy Comic Book Week

My first book, Senryu, will be available (almost) nationwide on Wednesday December 30th, better know as the first day of Indy Comic Book Week. You?ll be able to pick it up it up at participating ICBW retailers starting on new comic book day between Christmas & New Years Eve. If you don?t know what Indy Comic Book Week is check it out here. It?s the brainchild of our comic collective Space-Gun Studios, and you can support it by going into your local shop Dec. 30th and checking out all of the independent comics on display. Give them a chance, and you might find something you like.

Senryu will be available at the fine comic shops below:

Thanks to everyone who helped donate to the Save Senryu fund and helped to get it printed in the first place. Your books and goodies will be on their way shortly.

Senryu has arrived!

My books arrived on Thursday, and have since been organized and prepped for shipping. They will be in participating shops on December 30th (I'll have a detailed update on that tomorrow). 50292526

Big thanks to Ka-Blam for helping us out with Indy Comic Book Week and for hooking us up with the awesome discount for participating creators.