Day 1 of DCC is a wrap and it was a blast! After going to see District-9 (an amazing movie) with my girl I put in a late night prepping the Atomic Robo print.

I only got about 4 hours sleep but it didn?t matter, I?m always pumped for cons. There?s no Wizard World or Cape in Dallas this year so we?re pretty starved for conventions here in the South and DCC did not disappoint. The crowds were thick and I started of the day with a nice Daredevil sketch.

Next up I started a Bat-Girl piece for my boy Evan. He?s even trading me a pimp Savage Dragon piece for it.

Later on my boy Jasper helped critiqed the pencils.

All in all day one was a mild success but awesome on the fun side! Seeing local creators (like David Hopkins, Paul Milligan, Joe Eisma and Brent Peeples just to name a few) always inspires me in the best way. There?s a wealth of talent here in Dallas just waiting to be discovered. And now on to day 2!