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Catwoman Commission. Or, Don't be a flake to folks who are social media savvy.

Worked up a Catwoman commission tonight after having a twitter convo regarding artists flaking out on commissions after taking their clients money. And make no mistake, patrons of your art are you clients.

Working as a freelancer in the advertising and web design world has taught me that timing is as important as quality. You're held to your deadlines and if you miss them you don't get future work, so I've had a long-held tradition of making sure I can meet the deadlines I commit to.

Now that doesn't mean you should turn in shoddy work just so it's on time, and there's an easy way around that entire scenario: Don't bite off more than you can chew. And if you're an artist taking commissions and you have a backlog, man up and let your clients know what to expect, then they won't badmouth you on twitter.

Having said all that I put my money were my mouth is and did this tonight for one ComixBookGurl. I hope she digs.

And here are the inks.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have another deadline to meet.

Powerman & Iron Fist

So I did this little ditty of the always funky-fresh Powerman and Iron Fist for my boy Samax of GhettoManga fame.

It'll appear in the upcoming issue of Ghetto Manga Quarterly.

Commission Giveaway

To kick off the commissions and add another cool prize to my #followme4freeart twitter contest I've decided to give away the following piece of original art.

Thor: 11 x 17, ink on bristol.

How to Win

Retweet this (or any other #followme4freeart tweet) and you'r entered, it's that easy.  I'll pick a winner at random at the end of the week and announce in on my twitspace.

Happy contesting!

Another Twitter Free Sketch Winner!

This time our winner is lucky follower #300 leo_depsky.  Leo chose one of my favorite childhood villains, TrapJaw, from He-Man for his character!

Enjoy your sketch Leo.

I tried a little something different with this one. I let the pencil under-drawing from the scan show through and then did white tones over a grey background. I really dig how it came out.

Follow me on twitter and check out the hashtag #followme4freeart and you might be the next winner!

We have another winner!

I've been doing a free art promotion on my twitter account where I give one out of every ten followers a random sketch of a character of their choosing. Today's winner is twitter user SnapPop who chose Clark Kent/Superman as her sketch subject.

Be sure and follow me on twitter and seek out the hashtag #followme4freeart, you might win some art for yourself!

Twitter art giveaway.

So I'm giving away free sketches to random twitter followers, including a full blown commission to #400. Congrats to the first winner, lucky #290,  ArtbyAdora. She chose She-Ra as her sketch.

Follow me on twitter or check out the hashtag #followme4freeart and get yo'self some free bling!