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Dallas Comic Con

I'll be in Irving this weekend, May 21-22, at the new Convention Center for Dallas Comic Con. I'll be exhibiting in Artist Alley with the rest of the Space-Gun Studios members. I'll have $10 prints, original art for sale and will be offering sketches for $20 and open commission slots.  If you'd like to pre-order a commission you can email me at soulcoredotnet (at) gmail dot com.  I'll be taking credit cards for the first time as well.

So come on out, say hello, and meet Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee and a whole bunch of other awesome artists, writers and lovers of funnybooks.

Agent Broyles

I've been watching Fringe marathon-style the past week while I work on layouts and try to drum up freelance work.  Here's an Agent Broyles marker sketch from the batch.

I'll have this, as well as other sketches, prints and even custom commissions up for grabs next month at Dallas Comic Con.

Progress with a process. Or, How I Make Comics.

I've always enjoyed a look behind the process of my favorite artists and thought I'd share my current process with anyone who might be interested. Below is a 6 view cross-section of how I currently work on comic art and pinups.

[swf src="" width=600 height=452 You must have Flash to view this file[/swf]

Step 1: Roughs

I usually do super small roughs in a sketchbook or on printer paper. I've found working small in the beginning helps me keep my proportions in check and focus more on the shape, flow and composition of the piece. For this I wanted a classic action pose for Powerman and Iron Fist, so I did stand-alone figure shots and composited them for penciling.

Step 2: Pencils

Here I print out blue lines, again on copy paper, and do the detail work. Having a solid base helps me keep the pencils tighter without worrying about the figures.

Step 3: Inks

Here's where the magic happens! I print out blue lines on smooth bristol and go to town with various pens and brushes. My favorites at the moment are a variety of Kurutake disposable brush pens.

Step 4: Flats

A pretty simple but fundamental step is doing color flats. I lay down a layer of solid color selections to use later for rendering. I tend to use this step to work out the overall color scheme and mood of the piece as well.

Step 5: Renders

The fun part of coloring comics! I break out custom Photoshop brushes and go to town. For this piece I went with a classic cell shaded look for the renders.

Step 6: Effects

My favorite part of the process! referred to by my studio mates as my "Marvel glow" this is where I use glows, effects and color holds to make the piece pop. I often will spot bright whites as well to help highlights really stand out.

Kick-Ass, colored!

I've been busy getting The Old Ones started and haven't had much time to devote to the blog, but I have been working on some side pieces in between stints on the comic. Here's the first one, a colored version of last week's Kick-Ass.

I've got a wicked Powerman/Iron Fist piece coming up next!

We have another winner!

I've been doing a free art promotion on my twitter account where I give one out of every ten followers a random sketch of a character of their choosing. Today's winner is twitter user SnapPop who chose Clark Kent/Superman as her sketch subject.

Be sure and follow me on twitter and seek out the hashtag #followme4freeart, you might win some art for yourself!

Sketches, sketches, sketches!

So a few of us Dallas folk got together and started a weekly sketch blog called Metrosketchual. Below is my piece for our first weeks' theme, Ghostbusters!

And here are a few rejected sketches that I just wasn't feeling. They're decent enough, but I wanted something that better captured the vibe of the first movie. Plus Slimer was a straight-to-ink warm up sketch.

Twitter art giveaway.

So I'm giving away free sketches to random twitter followers, including a full blown commission to #400. Congrats to the first winner, lucky #290,  ArtbyAdora. She chose She-Ra as her sketch.

Follow me on twitter or check out the hashtag #followme4freeart and get yo'self some free bling!

01: Eden Lost

eden_sketch_01 Eden and her father, Darius, of the Seneclair bloodline. From a forthcoming project, coming mid 2009.