So as you know I?ve been planning on getting my book Senryu out for Indy Comic Book Week, and have been posting previews and progress here and on the ICBW blog.

Double-page spread from Senryu.

As you might also know my Space-Gun studios mates Jake Ekiss, Vinh Luan Luu and Paul Milligan and I have been pushing really hard on the Indy Comic Book Week front, and are really excited about the opportunity to get our books into stores.

Double-page spread from Senryu.

Well due to circumstances beyond my control Senryu is now in jeopardy of not making it to the shelves on December 30th. I had a very large freelance project get pushed back until after the New Year, and as such it leaves very little room in the budget for essentials, much less printing costs for a comic that, no matter how well recieved, is guaranteed to lose money.

So, while I don?t like to beg, I?m going to start a PayPal fund raising event for printing and shipping costs and see how it goes. My goal? A whopping $300US to cover printing costs and shipping to as many participating stores as possible. The deadline to send the files to print is November 15th.

Anyone who donates more than $25 will get a copy of the book mailed to them with a nice thank you note. I?ll end up donating original art and other goodies to folks who participate as well. More on that later.

Donations can be made via PayPal to soulcoredot (at)

Shameless PayPal Donate button below for your enjoyment!

Thanks in advance to everyone who's followed my progress so far and offered advice and support, you guys rock. Now let's see if we can get this thing into stores!

And just for visitng, here's another preview page.