What a freaking day. I don't usually blog about personal issues, especially work related one's but I've had the weirdest, most disrespectful day ever. It all started smoothly enough, up early to make the 9am breakfast meeting, quite the feat of a "creative" in the ad agency business. So I'm eating my chick-fil-a discussing the new department re-org when my Project Manager comes busting in, freaking out because I'm sitting on the floor. Turns out she ignored me the previous afternoon when I said i already had a meeting at 9, and another at 9:30. But it gets better.

So we're all getting ready to leave for our spiffy free lunch and awards ceremony, when I'm approached by our Office Manager to stay for a sec, she wants to talk about the project. The one I missed the meeting for.

So after waiting a few minutes she comes back and proceeds to escort me into the Creative VP's office, where I'm sat down, and completely reamed.

Now I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the perfect employee. I've had one discussion about being late with my supervisor (about the only conversation we've had), and have since made sure to beat him and most of my co-workers to work. It was taken care of. What I don't do is miss deadlines. Or deliverables. Even if I'm out sick my work gets done. On time and well.

So I'm told that there's a problem. It seems I'm constantly late and miss deliverables, and that my work ethic leaves much to be desired. And so I'm sitting there, still realizing we're not meeting about the project, trying to come up with some semblance of a defense when it gets even better.

"Go home" they say. "Take the rest of the day and the weekend and really think about your career path".

And then the kicker.

"No awards ceremony. No Christmas party. Just go ahead and go home and really think about it."

I went back to my desk, halfway in shock, and started to save the logos I was working on (I missed that meeting thanks to having to leave), when the Office Manager came up and said the VP had asked that she escort me out of the building.

Talk about being blindsided. Seriously, is that any way for a company to treat their employees?

Does anyone even care? Should I?

So the message was "You're work sucks, your work ethic sucks, just don't bother coming to any of the holiday celebrations, but be back on Monday so we can make sure and get our Holiday work out of you."

Too bad you don't get unemployment in Texas if you quit.