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Bottle Rocket and The Force Awakens

Bottle Rocket and The Force Awakens


If you keep up with me on any social media it’ll come as no surprise that I recently gave up the freelance lifestyle and took a job at Bottle Rocket Studios, an iOS/Android application studio in Addison. After a 6 week stint as a contractor they made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I came on board as a full time Art Director in the UX/UI department. As well as being voted one of the best places to work in Dallas several times over they also nurture an amazing culture of creativity, freedom and personal responsibility. And they also have a shit-ton of star wars fanatics working here.

Which brings me to the piece of Star Wars art above. Our Founder and CEO (probably the biggest Star Wars fan on-staff) decided to surprise the entire office with a free showing of The Force Awakens on opening day.

In return our internal promotions team LIFT decided to surprise him and the entire staff with some original art for the office to commemorate the occasion. I was asked to make something large and Star Wars themed that could serve as a both a sign of appreciation and as a reminder of an awesome day spent with awesome folks.


Vinyl Thoughts Art Show

Vinyl Thoughts Art Show


The Vinyl Thoughts Art Show 5 is here and Co-founder Cody Phillips was kind enough to invite me to participate in the show this year! I don't make vinyl toys, yet, but I will have this exclusive new print available only at the show on September 25th. 'Leporidae' was created specifically for this event and will be limited to a run of 50 pieces, available only at Vinyl Thoughts 5.  I’ll also have the original art for the print piece available for purchase at the show.

Vinyl Thoughts 5 Art Show is one night only, Thursday September 25th at 7pm. Admission is free but the line fills up fast, so come on out early to make sure you can get in!


We've moved, again.

We've moved, again.


I've made another move, this one in the really real world. The house I was renting got put on the market and I had to move on shorter notice than I was expecting, and so I ended up about 10 miles farther North, in a little town called McKinney. A town I just so happened to be born in. It's on all kinds of "Safest City" & "Best Suburb" lists, and I'm happy to report that the restaurants on the revamped Downtown Square do not disappoint. Dark Phoenix

I've been back to work about two weeks now and finally have a moment to stop, catch my breath and update the site a bit. Speaking of, there are about a dozen new pieces in the Commission gallery with more coming soon. I also had time to play around with some watercolors during the packing process and did a few practice pieces including the Dark Phoenix you can see here.

Oh, and those commissions are now officially open!

Soft-Launch | Art of Warlick

Soft-Launch | Art of Warlick


If you visit the blog often you'll notice that we've made a small switch over from the domain to the new and condensed A while ago my good buddy Luan pondered aloud why I had never done an "Art Of War" riff with my brand. I've been rolling it around  in my head ever since and decided a few weeks ago that it was the direction I wanted to go.  I've stuck with out of habit and nostalgia for more than a decade (this site has been live in one form or another since 1998!) but I felt it was time to put away childish aliases and proudly and boldy start using my real name on the artwork I create. So without further ado, welcome to The Art of Warlick.The Art Of Warlick

Why I Freelance

Why I Freelance

Why I freelance Seven years ago I was an Art Director at Targetbase, a direct-marketing company here in Dallas, working under a woman named Kimberly Walsh as the first interactive hire in a what was still very much a print shop. As is usually the case with cube farms meetings were abundant, and one particular morning I was double-booked, and had to make a quick decision about which meeting to attend.

I chose poorly.

I was reprimanded by Miss Walsh, told to go home and not to attend my first ever annual Christmas Party. When I asked if I was being fired I got the snarky response of "Did I say you were fired? Go home, don't' come to the Party, and we'll see you Monday."

I came back that Monday to the news that everyone had gotten a $2,000 Christmas Bonus for having such a great year. When I inquired about my own bonus I was told in no uncertain terms that I didn't deserve it, and would not be getting one. After years of long meetings, unfulfilling projects and frustrating corporate-politics it was the straw that broke the camel's back. That was the day I decided I needed to work for myself.

Six months later I had stashed away 6 months worth of bills and rent into my savings account and wrote my first ever letter of resignation. Two weeks after that I was officially self-employed. I've never looked back.

I also never got to thank Kimberly for the unintended inspiration. If not for her I may have remained under that illusion they sell to new creatives at large companies. What I am thankful for is all the great people I met and the contacts I collected, many of which I still keep in touch with today.

So if you're an artist/creative don't be afraid to take action. Don't let fear of the unknown paralyze you. There is no such thing as job security. And in the end it's the relationships you create that matter most.

Happy Holidays.

Last of The Greats Inks

A few months back I got the chance to do some inking samples for Image's new book Last of The Greats by Josh Fialkov and Brent Peeples. I didn't get the gig but it was a fun exercise with some solid feedback from editorial nice-guy Rob Levin.

Live Art Auction

Here are a few iphone photos from Friday night's live art show benefiting Genesis Women's Shelter here in Dallas. 20111212-122553.jpg Adam Warrock doing a Maverick for charity.

20111212-122543.jpg Bidding underway.

20111212-122618.jpg Adam Warrock performing.

20111212-122518.jpg My finished Rulk piece.

It was, as always, a fun show for a good cause. Thanks to all who came out to drink, socialize, draw and bid on artwork

TweetCongress Infographic

I was commissioned recently by my good friend Chris McCroskey to do an infographic laying out how the Anthony Weiner scandal has affected Congressional tweeting.

His site,,  has gotten a lot of attention from the story as their service archives all congressional tweets, even ones that are later deleted. used the information to determine that Rep. Weiner had posted the photo from his Tweetdeck application, and had been using it for several hours prior to his claim of being hacked.


Data pulled from, ABC News and CNN.


Excelsior! DCC Wrap Up

Well this year’s Dallas Comic Con was amazing. So amazing in fact that I am just now, late into Wednesday night, able to post about it. Bust seriously I had a ton of work to catch up on and this is the most i can muster as I fight to stay awake!

Anyway, DCC was awesome as always. The new venue at the Irving Convention Center is slick, and I mean slick. It’s a work of modern art really, with plenty of room to accommodate Dallas’ growing nerd population. Art was made, prints and books were sold, and a great time was had by all.  Below is a roundup of photo and link goodness from DCC2011.

Beth's Flickr Set Luan & Ruby's Flickr Set

Spider-Man Sketch

Warlock Sketch

Iron Man Jam Sketch

Godzilla Sketch for the always classy Scott Chitwood (and son) of Red 5 Comics.

Conquest on an Invincible Jam Sketch

Beth reading the always amazing Atomic-Robo.

So say we all!