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Summer Art Dump: Space Explorers Illustration

Summer Art Dump: Space Explorers Illustration


A sci-fi themed custom commission for a lovely couple in California. This piece was designed as an 11x14 gallery wrapped canvas print that you can see in the timelapse below. space_explorers_full



Space Explorers Timelapse Footage

Summer Art Dump: Custom Gaming Mats

Summer Art Dump: Custom Gaming Mats


Talk about a dream gig! This series of 6 custom painted play mats was commissioned by my homestore Madness Games & Comics for their 2014 Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Tournament. mat_full

It was a bit surreal walking in on game day and seeing dozens of games going on right on top of artwork I was working on just a couple of weeks ago. I still get giddy like a schoolboy when I see my art being used for something cool and unique like this.

madness_gaming_matsHere a couple of videos from my Instagram account of the finished pieces in action.

Man of Tomorrow Speed Illustration

Man of Tomorrow Speed Illustration


In the ongoing quest to document my process and gain art fans through YouTube I've got another timelapse/speed drawing video in the can, this one of  everyone's favorite illegal alien, Superman. The Man of Steel. Clark Kent. Kal-El. The original  Man of Tomorrow.

This is about 4 hours of work and was completed 100% on the pixel-box. The initial sketch, which I didn't record, took about an hour or so. You can see the finished piece here.

Mystic Timelapse

I've been screen capturing my digital work lately with the intent of making time-lapse videos and I'm happy to report the 2nd  one is ready to go. Below you'll find 8 hours of digital illustration condensed down to 6 minutes of time-shifted goodness.

As always you can pick up a print at my Etsy Shop.


Dragon Slayer: Time Lapse Coloring

Space-Gun Studios has taken on the job of getting our friend and collaborator Devin Kraft's Dragon Slayer book colored and ready to print for his next Kickstarter endeavor. Below is a time-lapse video where I kick off colors on page one using Photoshop CC and a Cintiq. Enjoy!

Video: Sly Inks

As promised here's the video of me throwing down inks on the Stallone fan-art piece for Craig over at StalloneZone.

You can check out the finished piece here.


So now that I'm in a groove with my graphic novel gig I've had some free time on the weekends to just play around and draw for me again. Here's something I did this weekend, inspired by a desire to make a children's book and the song Clouds by Kaddisfly. giant_elephant